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Commercial Paving

New Contruction

For new construction, or for driveways that are not structurally sound, we prepare the dirt, add, grade and compact the sub-base. We then place the asphalt according to the customer’s wants and needs. We often finish with striping, parking bumpers, signage, etc.

Remove and Replace

When a parking lot, road or section of a road is deemed structurally unsound, we begin by removing the asphalt, base and dirt. We then create a foundation and apply a compacted base and asphalt.


When an asphalt overlay needs to be flush with curbs, gutters and concrete, we use a process called milling. Milling can be used to remove all asphalt down to the sub-base or to remove only the top-wearing surface of worn asphalt prior to replacement. Milled asphalt can be recycled and/or used as sub-base.


For asphalt that is deteriorated but still structurally sound, an overlay is the perfect solution. We begin by cleaning and spraying the asphalt with emulsified tack, which creates a strong bond between the new and old asphalt. We then apply a new layer of asphalt on top, creating the appearance and durability of a newly paved surface.

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Commercial Sealcoating

After a thorough cleaning, sealcoating is applied over the entire asphalt area. For most applications we apply the sealcoating by spraying. The condition of the asphalt will determine the number of coats needed to properly seal and protect the area. Once dried (average of 24 hours), it forms a tough layer that protects your pavement from the elements and keeps the surface looking new.

Professional grade sealcoating not only extends the life of your asphalt, it makes the surface more resistant to deterioration from gasoline, oil, and chemicals. It also prevents weather-related erosion from natural elements, such as the sun, rain, frost, freezing, and thawing.

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Line Painting/Striping

topcoat Sealing provides parking lot striping, pavement marking, ADA handicap signs, and curb painting services. We can help you design your parking lot layout or repaint lines on your business parking lot.

We will accurately measure and design a layout to optimize the number of parking stalls and traffic flow in your lot.

We’ll work with you to complete projects with minimal disruptions to your business.

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Repair & Maintenence

Asphalt Repair
Sawcut Patching

Sawcut patching is the most durable and longest lasting type of asphalt repair. The failed area is removed, a new stone sub-base is installed if needed, and the area is re-paved.

Common applications include:

  • Dumpster areas
  • Low spots
  • Deteriorated/shattered areas (alligatored)
  • Potholes

Mill Patching

This type of patch is cost efficient because you can control the depth and remove the wearing surface only. This is typically 1″ to 1-1/2″ depth.

Crack Repair

To protect your pavement investment while ensuring a safe and attractive driveway, cracks must be sealed as they develop. The freeze/thaw cycles of our winters allow moisture to penetrate under the asphalt and form ice. This process causes deterioration to begin and potholes to form.

We seal cracks with quality rubber products to keep out water and prevent further damage. The rubber solidifies but stays flexible so it can expand and contract with the thermal movements of the asphalt.

We use two types of products to seal cracks:

  • A hot rubberized crack sealant usually provides a higher quality seal but dries darker and is more visible after sealcoating.
  • The cold crack sealant is less visible after sealcoating but generally does not last as long as the hot sealant.

Catch Basins & Drains

Catch basins are installed in parking lots to provide adequate and correct drainage of water from the surface. Because water is a prime factor in the deterioration of asphalt and concrete, catch basins are often the first areas of a parking lot to fail.

Over time asphalt will shrink from around the catch basin frames and water can seep into a void before it has a chance to drain into the catch basin. In winter, as the runoff is mixed with highly corrosive parking lot salt, there is an even greater chance of the concrete to deteriorate.

The proper repair of the catch basin will increase the useful life of the parking lot.

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